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Hot Bodies Choir + Poxcat Party

21:00 - 21:30: HOT BODIES - CHOIR

Hot Bodies Choir gather queer, LGBTQIA+ and feminist individuals around writing and choir singing practices. In this frame, the participants exchange experiences and ideas inspired by the reading of queer-feminist manifestos (such as Scum Manifesto - Valérie Solanas, Cyborg Manifesto - Donna Haraway, etc.) and work together towards the collective writing of revolutionary texts. These unique, polyphonic and unruly texts form the basis of a choral score, arranged musically by Gérald Kurdian and performed live by all the participants. HOT BODIES - CHOIRS is the third project of Gérald Kurdian’s research cycle on sexual revolutions entitled HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE. https://www.facebook.com/hotbodieschoirs/

22:00 - 1:30: POXCAT PARTY Amigo III +Nurse+ Hyppocampo Poxcat is a collective dedicated to support DJs by promoting their work. We commission and repost DJ mixes we like and organise parties. http://poxcat.com/