2021 Edition!

We were looking forward so so much to see all of you soon again for 2 months of Audres, Tomboys, Shakedowns, Pauls, Eileens, Lesbier, Robyns and of course our parties, drinks, politics, film, poetry, sex, button making, and what not.

We were also looking forward to present you our extended name and team. From now on, Mothers & Daughters is not only your favourite lesbian* bar, but also an explicit trans* bar. Yeah!

But alas, because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation in Brussels and beyond, unfortunately it wasn’t possible to open Mothers & Daughters in May and June this year.

But! We have many different projects brewing up at the moment, more details to be released soon. And please keep an eye on our events page.

A t-shirt project with POC and queer collectives from Brussels and beyond, a boat cruise (save the date: August 27th on the Brussels Canal!), a new edition of our infamous beer tenderly named Transition, and some more informal gatherings over the next months…

So for now, a bit more patience, order that t-shirt and hope to see you all soon!

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M&D Team 2021

Board of Directors

Gia Abrassart
Isabelle N’Diaye