Bar open!




Mothers & Daughters has permanent wheelchair ramps indoors, and a ramp for the entrance readily available on request. A wheelchair accessible toilet cabin is placed in front of our building and is available for anyone who cannot safely or easily use our bathrooms downstairs. On busy nights, the person at the door will be able to give you access, otherwise you can get a key at the bar. The bar space has variable light conditions (lit seating areas and a low-lit dance floor), and we do not use strobes or laser lights. We have illuminated toilet and exit signs. There will be occasional use of a smoke machine. A changing room is available on request at the bar (this space is not wheelchair accessible). We do not have any of our signage in braille. Bar staff are available to assist with specific needs on request. A detailed description of the accessibility of the space can be requested directly by sending an email to: bar@mothersanddaughters.be.