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Self Defense workshop

In this workshop you will discover:

♀♀♀ to have an experience of self-defense in a respectful environment ♀♀♀ be able to discuss the notions of violence/non-violence in a nuanced way ♀♀♀ to give a basic ‘grammar’ of the gestures and reflexes to be trained in different situations ♀♀♀ show that techniques are adaptable to different bodies ♀♀♀ This workshop will be introductory. Learning reflexes requires an ongoing training.

None of the proposed exercices are in any way compulsory

The techniques taught will be adapted to the participant's bodies and needs

Part of a series of 3 workshops: 17/5, 31/5, 7/6 it is recommended to participate in all 3 workshops but it is not compulsory

closed to : white/cis/hetero/able-bodied men between 4 and 12 participants FR, ENG 17:00 - 18:30

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