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Closing Paaarty, Laaast Dance

🎈🎈🎈 Saturday 29/6: Bar open 1PM - 3:30AM 🎈🎈🎈


Two months flew by again! ✈️

Let’s share stories, celebrate the moment and fantasise about the future. Let's dance, let's hug, let's share a beer and a tear.

We are so excited to see familiar faces and new characters on this special night. It's gonna be so hot and so joyous. All welcome!

19 - 20:00

Marnie Slater (dj set) -- hip hop & pop by queer, feminist and female-identified music makers

20 - 20:30

najah.y (experimental gig) -- hypnotico impro mutante tropico

20:30 - 22:00

IllSyll (dj set) -- hip hop, afrobeat, trap, femtrap

22 - 00:00

Alpha Zolam & Dj Poker -- disco mania duo !

00:00 - 1:30 Anna Yad (dj set) -- techno/acid

01:30 - 3:30 Melissa Juice vs Azo Melissa Juice will give us some hot and heavy house vs Azo who will make a heavy and modern fusion of house, techno, rave and funk music

These three last dj were part of the one year Missfitte anniversary last week which was unexpected cancelled...full support!!


From 20:00, feeelings will provide exquisite make-up and hairdos, lifting you up while you illuminate the stage and the dance floor.

➰prix libre ou prix conseillé 4€ ➰

$$$ LAST Party à PRIX LIBRE // Show your LOVE and drop the MONEY $$$