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Sober Night

Don't stop, stop the music Keep on dancing, you can do it Baby come on

A party for lesbians, queers, and their friends to socialize and dance in a sober environment.

Line-up: 21:30 Fée C (live concert) 22:30 - 00:00 DJ Kurpie 00:00 - 01:30 DJ Margaux (FB and soundcloud: @melodicmargaux)

Whether you’re recovering from dependency, not drinking for health (or whatever) reasons, want to support your sober friends, looking to party without having to deal with a hangover the next day, or just curious about going out dancing without the pressure of intoxicant-oriented spaces… this night is for you!

We recognize that the majority of LGBTQ+ spaces and events involve alcohol, making it very difficult for those of us for whom alcohol isn’t safe, to be actively involved in our communities. Because of that, we offer the Sober Night as an alternative. Please show your respect and don’t sneak in any booze, drugs or other intoxicants. Let’s change our ideas about what partying can or should be and let’s dance all night… sober!

During this event, we will expand our (already quite exciting) range of alcohol-free drinks!