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Herstory Sunday

Herstory Sunday cyberfeminist tools for our archives & stories

15:30 - 19:00

An afternoon to discover/test/discuss cyberfeminist tools to spread and safekeep our stories, archives and resources. To share skills, nourishment, herstoric fragments, bits and bytes.

We all gather material, whether it is personal recordings, texts, photos, or common resources, strange collections, even full-on libraries. In our case, after doing research for the exhibition BAL - Brussels Almanack Lesbian last year, we sit with an eclectic but massive collection of fragments from Brussels’ lesbian herstory,

Sharing and safekeeping our stories is especially important for any marginalized community, but how do we best do this? We want to open up a conversation about tools, digital ownership, personal archiving and feminist servers over some good food so we can start exchanging resources together with your curious, twisting, dreaming Sunday afternoon-minds. (For those interested to continue it will be possible to bring these conversations into practice in a workshop on Wednesday 26.06 at M&D)

We will start by looking into www.anarchaserver.org - a feminist server which aim is to develop autonomous infrastructure on the Internet for feminists projects, both its live data and repository for collective memory. During the afternoon we will share texts, images, recordings, digitally and in print and be live streaming on radio ruelles http://www.ooooo.be/ruelles/

Bring your technical devices and/or your recordings, favourite pdf’s, books, song lyrics, hungry minds and bellies.

//// Anarchaserver guided by ooooo, community nourished by Claire G, special support by samedie’s collective interventions by surprise guests and the Herstory Sunday Team.

Working document: https://mypads.framapad.org/p/cyberfeminist-tools-at-m-d-qa2pzz7ju

Practical info:

Open to everyone.

The food is prix libre, a BBQ with supplements.

+++and following in practice 'Feminist sysadmins, unite!' on Wednesday 26/06 (19:30-00:00)

Herstory Sunday 17 June 2018

⚢ Herstory Sunday ⚢ here we come!