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Tomboys Don't Cry Party

After last year's adventure, TBD'C is back at M&D HQ to introduce:

19:30 — 21:05 | Screening — ! Belgian Preview ! BODY LANGUAGE #3 presents the documentary: MELMARIDÈ (“divorced” in italian dialect), the story of group of women from Piacenza, a small city in the north of Italy, who challenged the disdain of their families, and joined the voices of the wider international feminist movement in the 1970s. They initially founded a feminist collective, and later started a public women’s health clinic and counselling center. The clinic was a self-directed and self-financed structure that offered free information on birth control, medical examinations, and help to access abortion, when it was still illegal in Italy. This was a political act that arose from a profound urgency for personal freedom and self-awareness, and it united them and radically changed their personal and political viewpoints. Forty years later, these women find themselves different, older, but still friends and with the same non-conformist spirit, determined in their desire not to forget the experience that changed them forever. This is a collective story that is composed of encounters, memories and intimacy among women who are profoundly different but who are all — more or less — happily @ melmaridè. Directed by Elisa Bozzarelli and Alice Daneluzzo, 2018, '95, Italian with English subtitles. This film will be screened in the presence of Alice Daneluzzo.

BODY LANGUAGE, curated by TOMBOYS DON'T CRY, is a research platform about moving image. Through the presentation of a selection of video and film projects, between contemporary experimentation and cinematographic tradition, the platform maps the complexity of the transfeminist lgbtqaixyz community experience. Previews and archive projects, in dialogue with current events, alternate to give visibility to paths, intuitions, stories and desires, which can make us reconfigure the past, to create new bonds in the present and to breathe the future. 𝔅𝔏 is resident at the independent @cinemabeltrade, Milan.

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21:05 — 1:30 | TOMBOYS DON'T CRY PARTY TBD'C is a Milan-based queer artistic collective of girls and non-binary subjectivities, who have been promoting adventures in gender since 2011. They take pleasure in expressing themselves in the territory of the club as a group of DJs and fostering a culture of visual and sonic research and experimentation. Past collaborations include: @cinemabeltrade, Milan; Some Prefer Cake lesbian movie festival, Bologna; Cruising Pavillion, la Biennale di Venezia/Architecture; Trrueno, Buenos Aires; Loud & Proud, Paris.

DJ SETS by — ASHASHA — ALIENI — PETRA — TZAZIKY & CRACK https://soundcloud.com/tomboysdontcry

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21:05 — 23:00 | NAIL BAR — brutalist nail varnishing — A little finger with a tropical forest, an index like a window open to a new galaxy, a thumb on fire... As a performative gesture we will decorate one or all your claws, in a spartan and deconstructed style, for a touch of exuberant extravaganza or as a sign of a secret clan. Come and sit at our table to exchange stories and emotions, translated into small colorful miniatures surrounded by the vapor of acetone.

∞ A selection of :,) BAFFALO hacking unisex gear will be available for Mothers & Daughters & Friends! Ca$h only!

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