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Self Defense workshop

In this workshop is meant for you to:

♀♀♀ have an experience of self-defense in a respectful environment ♀♀♀ be able to discuss the notions of violence/non-violence in a nuanced way ♀♀♀ to learn a basic ‘grammar’ of the gestures and reflexes to be trained in different situations ♀♀♀ see that techniques are adaptable to different bodies ♀♀♀ This workshop will be introductory. Learning reflexes requires an ongoing training.

None of the proposed exercices are in any way compulsory

Part of a series of 3 workshops: 17/5, 31/5, 7/6 it is recommended to participate in all 3 workshops but it is not compulsory

closed to : white/cis/hetero/able-bodied men

between 4 and 12 participants FR, ENG 17:00 - 18:30

to participate, fill this form