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Queer open mic & Party

++++++ From 8pm ++++++

For the queer open-mic, feeelings will hold a little station where she'll provide exquisite make-up and hairdos supporting you while you illuminate the stage and the audience. ➰prix libre

++++++ 9-11pm ++++++

A night dedicated to our talented community! Une soirée dédiée à notre communauté talentueuse! Een nacht toegewijd aan onze getalenteerde community!

Come occupy our stage and get your 10 minutes of fame! Kom ons podium bezetten en krijg je 10 minuten roem! Venez occuper notre scène et obtenez vos 10 minutes de gloire!

Priority to queer women, non-binary and trans folx, and people of color. Priorité aux femmes queers, aux personnes non binaires et trans et aux personnes racisé.e.s.

More info and registration: events@mothersanddaughters.be

++++++PARTY 11:30am - 1:30am++++++

RoseBoy (mix dark and sweet techno)

entrance/prix conseillé: 3€