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Waterlelies – Nénuphars – Water Lilies


27 August 2pm-11pm!

Ahoy! Walk or bike with us all afternoon on Thursday August 27th following a queer boat cruise boarded with performances, mermaids, captains and other water fairies to be watched from the side of the Brussels canal. We varen vanuit BRYC (Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club) in Laeken en finishen in Anderlecht. 3 bateaux, 4 performances, 5 boat stops — the boat cruise starts at 2PM, after festivities from 5PM onwards.

🚩🚩 🚩 LINE-UP 🚩 🚩 🚩🚩

🏳️2pm – RAONI MUHZO SALEH – Brussels Royal Yacht Club – Chaussée de Vilvorde, 1 1020 Bruxelles https://bruxelles-royal-yacht-club.be

🏴 3 pm – MIAA MELVAER – Au bord de l'eau – Rue Clasessens 1, 1020 Bruxelles http://www.laeken.brussels/en/au-bord-de-leau/

🏳️ 4 pm – GADEVOI – Platform Kanal – Square Sainctelette 21, 1000 Brussel https://kanal.brussels/

🏴 4:45pm – NAOMI BEELDENS – Lock Molenbeek – Quai du Hainaut, 1080 Brussel

🏳️ 5.30 pm – JOELLE SAMBI – Naast Monique – Quai de l'industrie 230, 1070 Anderlecht https://www.naastmonique.pink/

🏁 6pm - Finish – Hangar du Kanal - Digue du Canal 10, 1070 Anderlecht http://hangardukanaal.be/

Afterbar (until 11PM):

Geo Wyeth – Performance
Kompost Club Djs – DJ set


Dakota Draws (based in Brussels) is one of the alter egos of Quinn, a 27-year-old artist and economist, who tries to find the connection between creating an image, being one, and the role of the body, curves and angles in these encounters.

GADEVOI (based in Brussels) is a 25-year-old cyborg fairy musician and rave nymph dj who composes emotional arpeggiated landscapes through the familiar sounds of 90's handheld video game consoles.

Geo Wyeth (based in Rotterdam) is an artist and educator, working in the realms of music, performance, narrative sculpture, and video. He just came out with his record ATM FM (2020), recorded in Rotterdam, and released into the air through Muck Studies Dept.

Joëlle Sambi (based in Brussels) is an Afro-feminist lesbian activist, author, poet and director. She is currently working on her first documentary "Pinkshasa Diaspora", a political poem which sketches portraits of the homosexual community of the Congolese diaspora.

Mia Melvær (based in Brussels) uses sculpture and installation to explore the crossroads between technology, materiality and ways of recording, with a particular interest in collective constellations and queer and feminist archives.

Naomi Beeldens (based in Antwerp) is a versatile performer and soprano with a predilection for music theatre, contemporary music and all things experimental.

Raoni Muzho Saleh (based in Amsterdam) is a multidisciplinary artist and thinker who uses dance, poetry and sound as ancient traditional technologies of making life happen together.

⚓ DJS ⚓ Kompost Club Djs (based in Brussels) is a music recycle experience from industrial to pop! ZOULOU CHOCO (based in Brussels) was born in Kinshasa and raised between Paris and Brussels. A fervent defender of vinyl, her musical spectrum is overflowing with references to these roots (Rumba Congolaise ...) while sailing with ease to the sound of the 80's and 90's (New wave, Chicago house, etc.).

⚓ WATER LILIES TEAM ⚓ Alice Versieux, Byrthe Lemmens, Jessica Gysel, Katja Mater, Marnie Slater, Mia Melvær, ooooo, Paulien Föllings

⚓ WATER LILIES BOAT CAPTAINS ⚓ Alice Versieux, Goedele De Caluwé, Mia Melvær, ooooo

⚓ THANKS TO ⚓ All the volunteers, coorganisers, chefs, Nadine, Loup, the weather, and the full team of Mothers & Daughters – A Lesbian and Trans Bar*


Boat cruise info: You can join the tour by bike or feet at any point of the route. Keep your eyes out for colourful flags and people. The canal route is majority wheelchair accessible. Volunteers are available and visible to help negotiate any difficult points.

Covid protocol: physical distancing & mask-wearing. Masks are available in case you forget yours.

Afterbar info: The venue has limited capacity, we will try to accomodate everybody, but please be respectful, give space for others, and don’t congregate outside the venue. If you arrive and see a big cue, try back later. Courtyard and bar are wheelchair accessible, but not the toilets.

Covid protocol: Physical distancing, mask-wearing when you are moving, hand-sanitiser, use seating when possible, listen to the organisers and hosts so we can make sure we create a safer space for everyone. Masks and hand sanitiser are available in case you forget yours. 🙏🙏🙏