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sep-nov '21
Me and White Supremacy Circle

19/09 (Brussels) 10/10 (Ghent) 24/10 (Brussels) 7/11 (Ghent) 21/11 (Brussels)

“Me and White Supremacy: How to recognize your privilege, combat racism and change the world” - by Layla F. Saad is a roadmap through a deep self-examination of our relationship with white supremacy. It offers concepts, insights and most importantly, exercises and reflective journaling prompts.

We invite you to work with this book together in a series of 5 workgroups, organized according to the methodology of “the circle way”. It is how Layla F. Saad intends for her work to be used in groups. Before signing up, we kindly invite you to look through a circle way guideline, so you have a good basic understanding of what this method looks like. It is important that all participants are enthusiastic about working together in this way and are willing to share in the responsibility to make these circles intentional and constructive.

Guidelines on the circle way can be found here: http://www.thecircleway.net/circle-way-guidelines You can also read the “Appendix” on “Working in groups” in the book.

Misha and Robin (Mothers & Daughters team members) will be facilitating the circles. We are not anti-racism educators, but white people who want to do the work together with you. We will honor the guidelines for how to organise a Me and White Supremacy Circle as outlined by Layla F Saad. Practical

19/09 (Brussels) 10/10 (Ghent) 24/10 (Brussels) 7/11 (Ghent) 21/11 (Brussels)

Location in Brussels: Lollepotstraat 3, 1000 Brussel Location in Ghent: Kleindokkaai 3-5, 9000 Gent

Every time from 14h - 16h, with the possibility to stay for socialising till 17h. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier, so we can start in time.

You can sign up for all circles, a few, or only one. Beforehand, each participant will receive the necessary info to be able to join in.

Language: The main language used will be English, but participants are welcome to express themselves in the language they are most comfortable with.

Access: Lollepot is not wheelchair accessible. You need to take a few steps to enter the room. Sturdy chairs without armrests are available. The location is 650m from Brussels central station or 280m from Beurs metro station.

Koevoet has a wheelchair ramp, but unfortunately, the door to the toilet is too narrow for a wheelchair. Sturdy chairs without armrests are available. It is 200m from the train station and bus stops of Ghent-Dampoort. There are bike racks to park and lock your bike. Koevoet is not accessible by car, but you can park your car in the Koopvaardijlaan. For whom?

As the workbook is intended for people who hold white privilege, so are these circles. BIPOC are welcome to join the sessions as observers, but are in no way required to participate in doing the work and will not be called upon to provide emotional labour. Trigger warning: the work requires white participants to speak about their own experiences with privilege, racism, etc.

Participation is free, but all participants are required to buy the book “Me and White Supremacy” (book or ebook). We found prices starting at €2.99 for the ebook. We ask this to acknowledge the work of Layla F. Saad and as a way for you to contribute to her work directly.

Free drinks and snacks will be provided.

There is space for 10 participants per circle.

We will kindly ask you to wear your mask (unless seated) and we will arrange the chairs in a way that guarantees the necessary distance. The room will be ventilated throughout the whole session. Handgel is provided.

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